Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Defense Of Tiger Woods

A bit late with this rave but here goes.

The media of this world are a bunch of Puritanical, politically correct, control freaks.
That Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife, is not news its outside interference. He's a sportsman for godsake. What he does in his own time in private is nobodies business but his own.
Ok so he is cheating on his wife, how stupid is that but it is for her to know and her to do what she thinks fit when she finds out. And when found out if he loses his family and possessions , whose fault and business is that. His, it is not news folk it is meddling of the highest order, get a grip folk the media is taking over your lives. You are filthy if your a smoker , you are unsightly if you are fat etc....but piss off pls, when it comes to people and how they wish to lead their live, good bad or ugly, it is their business.
Think about it. They go for this sort of crap because it sells papers to stupid people who have nothing better to do than wallow in it.