Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A maori man before a select committee on smoking past around his heart, he had had a heart transplant. This man should count himself lucky.
Years ago they let one of his whanau drown in his own waste because he was a smoker and drinker and would not give up. This action was nothing less than tantamount to medicinal murder. That man paid his taxes thru pay and the tax he paid on his ciggies. But no he would not tow the totalitarian line and was left to die.
The man before the committee, maori, known for being high users of alcohol, ciggies, marijuana, and most commonly the fatty boil up blames his problems on much did the anti smoking lobby pay him to do that.
If your a smoker you death is attributed to that, even if your fat, an alcoholic, a illegal drug smoker or just genetically suseptable to what ever killed you.
The maori are still listen to the white mans bullshit, when will they ever learn.