Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And It didnt stop in 1998

Smoking, obesity, alcohol problems are lifestyle choice we make knowing the risks, just like an extreme sportsman does.
Nuclear pollution is forced upon us. Isreal, Iran, North Korea and other countries are now carrying on the radition poisoning of this planet.
And most people are happy to allow the demonizing of tobacco for all the worlds health ills because the other senario is to hard to swallow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok Lets Go with The conspiracy Theory

So you dont smoke so you dont care. Lets go back as far as 1945 when every man and his dog smoked. This was the time of the first nuclear bomb test by the USA, since then well up to 1998, 2053 nuclear bombs have been test, over 1000 by the US, above and below ground, 2 wiping 2 Japanese cities.Then the Russians were at it all above ground one of their bombs was so big they had to alter the cargo bay of the plane used to drop it.

Then in come the Poms(English), the french, the chinese. As I stated before 2053 bombs in total.

And our governments prefer that people who use their own brains dont know that. You cant tell me that all those blasts didnt have any affect on our air we breathe even climate change.

Since 19945, respiretory diseases have quadrupled, cancer rates are out of control.

Yet smoking rates have decreased. So in comes my conspiracy theory:-). These government needed a fall guy to cover for their know indiscretions, what could cause all these health problem to arise, hell we cant tell the population its because we polluted the atmosphere with nuclear radiation, which has a shelf life of thousands of years. I know lets blame it on smoking, and the unthinking will swallow it and not think about other probable causes.

End of theory, just as an aside . Who is making huge money out of the anti-smoking bullshit.

The health stormtroops and legal drug pushing pharmacuetical companies

Anyway enough, I want you to type into Google and type in The Explosions of Every Nuclear Bomb To 1998.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take Your Own medicine

So the doc does'nt want to take his own medicine. He has lung cancer and wants to end his own life when he's had enuf, yet all through his working life he has watched his patients suffer to the end.
He also said he was an anti-smoker, one of those that told his patients dont smoke and you want get cancer, espesially lung cancer. Well he was lying to his patients, just because you dont smoke doesnt save you from any cancer, look at the stats for god sake.
Studys have shown that the very air conditioned buildings that smokers have been kicked out of can cause lung cancer and of cause the old hoary chestnut Legionairs disease.
I guess smokers should thank the holy rolling anti smokers for that one.
Doc be a man take your own medicine stop bleating, why should you not suffer as the patients you have treated have, especially as most of them would be the smokers you loathed so much.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bullocks and more Bollocks

Listen anti, smoking stormtroopers, I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP!! And a lot of people who are won't want to either. Putting the price way out of their reach, is a form of coercion, bloody force in other words. So the quit line is humming eh. Well dont go on their crap folk people who like me are no going to give up even if we are forced underground, are finding ways around the price hikes already. Me I dont want to be a criminal just yet am stocking up, but others have already gone to the drug pushers of the illegal kind. Bloody strange right?, when tobacco is a legal product.
The rate of dairy robberies and other ciggie outlets have already gone up and shopkeepers are being batttered or dying because of the price of a cigerette. Good eh? Well Mr Key thinks its ok.
Also the infaltion rate you get told is a pack of lies, what must the inflated cigs prices be doing to real inflation rates? I for one each time they go up spend less on other things. 700,000 smokers are not buying product that would help the government money problems cos their tax on the choice of lifestyle is hitting the roof.
Do your worst you alcohol swilling hypocrites, when my legal drug of choice has gone underground I will watch as I smoke my cheaper illegal tobacco as your alcohol price hit the roof.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I am sick to death of my lifestyle choice of drug being on the most wanted list by the control freak.
They continue to cry about the stats of how many of us die ayear 5000 but stats are made to say whatever the control freaks want. As I have said many times and will keep saying if you smoke and die you died of smoking. Even if you say had diabetes or pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, Folk these are not caused by smoking but they go down on a smokers death certificate as smoking related.
I watched a program on c7 last night. It was in a pub these control freak were deciding whether prisoners could smoke in jail. No one will own up to having been in jail but I will. I was put on remand in Mt Eden womens prison in the 60,s for 2 weeks. Each week I was given a free ration of tobacco even if I wasnt a smoker. And dont tell me that the dangers of smoking werent known then even when I started smoking at 9 they were known as cancer sticks. Bloody hypocrites, standing there with their own drug, alcohol, in their hands.
Alcohol is also a poison, it causes diseases and cancers, panceatic, kidney problems, diabetes. It kills passively innnocent ppl children die in their thousands on the road from family violent. I am sick of going on about it. Again alcohol cost the country 16billion dollars smoking 1 billion and smokers more than cover that in taxes ripped of them by health nazis who watch people die every day from alc0hol and turn a blind eye cause most folk drink it. I gave it up because I was gang raped by imbibers, beaten by a booze fuelled husband. I will not give up my smokes they are all I have left and I enjoy it.
But folk stay on the path of beating smokers into oblivion , then see who the control freaks go after for their tax money. I am positive it will be alcohol. If I cant smoke I will eat myself to death at least I will go still enjoying something in life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh and BTW

The man health nazis let drown in his own fluid, I think from me had memory his name was Rau Williams,had diabetes. Smoking doesnt cause this!!!
They say last night that they are trying to make smokers as uncomfortable as possible, with price hikes and draconian laws. These control freaks say they are there to help. Bullshit,there are many smokers like me who have no wish to give up but these decendents of Hitler dont give a damn about being helpful they want to force their lifestyle choices on others this is called totalitarizim. When creeps like this think it is fine to force the mentally ill, the old who have smoked all their lives out into all sorts of weather to take away someones lifestyle choice because they dont like it are called nazis. They believe you should live life as they see fit.
Well I am stocking up on my smokes and please try coming around and telling me you'd like me to give up.
And if it is ever banned I am prepared to die for my freedom to choose. Ban it and I go on a get hugely fat strike.Thats what happens to people who give smoking up anyway. I hate this world because of these lifestyle bashers, Take my lifestlye choice away and I dont want to live in this control freak health nazi world

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A maori man before a select committee on smoking past around his heart, he had had a heart transplant. This man should count himself lucky.
Years ago they let one of his whanau drown in his own waste because he was a smoker and drinker and would not give up. This action was nothing less than tantamount to medicinal murder. That man paid his taxes thru pay and the tax he paid on his ciggies. But no he would not tow the totalitarian line and was left to die.
The man before the committee, maori, known for being high users of alcohol, ciggies, marijuana, and most commonly the fatty boil up blames his problems on much did the anti smoking lobby pay him to do that.
If your a smoker you death is attributed to that, even if your fat, an alcoholic, a illegal drug smoker or just genetically suseptable to what ever killed you.
The maori are still listen to the white mans bullshit, when will they ever learn.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Go to this story then ask yourself why smokers are paying. Why is it not sad that 100,000 die a year from alcohol related deaths, from accident or disease?
I ask myself this continually. If you dont your a hypoctite.
That alcohol cost the country 16 billion a year, smoking costs 1 billion??????? Why am I a smoker paying for those who harm themselves and others thru the booze????
You go figure I cant

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hitler Must Be A happy Man

He too used brainwashed children to get his fascist points across. The children ar parliment with their grandads coffin made of ciggy packet shoed a pick of grandad he looked like a happy old man. Did this man drink, eat boilups?
Why doesnt the fascist running this vendetta against tobacco use it to brainwash their children against other killers like fast food boilups and booze.
The continual lambasting of smokers is sickening, I have smoked for 53yrs aint dead yet but I sont drink alcohol and I dont do boilups and fast food. My heart and lungs are fine.
But the bashing of my choice of legal drug is doing my head in

Diabetes and asthma rates soar?

Why? Wasn't getting the population to stop smoking supposed to lessen asthma rates. As smoking rates drop, asthma rates soar. You explain that to me please.
Diabetes, 8000 a year die from it here. Many of those now dying of diabetes are ex-smokers who gave up and took up eating. Many of those who die, drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
Who is paying for these deaths, not the junk food junkies, not the alcohol soaked. The smoker is paying and paying and paying.
Lets just say all smokers gave up, who would pay then eh.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So Sad, But Nevermind.

Another teenager dies of alcohol poisoning, but hey there is no cause to raise the taxes.Lets tax the smoker though its really really sad when they die age from maybe 60 onwards.
We cant tax the booze to many people imbibe they may vote us out next election eh Mr key.
These people worry only about their power, the smoker doesnt moan about the rises they just keep on smokin. But hey tax the drinker and the shit may hit the fan.
Teenages are dying everyday from the drink either by poisoning or road kill, but what the hey lets tax the pooh out of the smoker they dont moan, they also dont cause road kill, but what the hey at least the teenage drinker went sozzled and happy. So sad to see a smoker die though cos they are paying for the road kill and the poisoning.
Nevermind that the A+E's are full of patients harmed or dying from booze related injuries. Very sad but lets not tax them the smoker can cover the cost they dont moan and who else would we tax to pay for it.
Doesnt matter that rapes, assault, murders are caused by booze fueled lovely people who we camt tax eh? The smoker will cover the cost of broken home, beaten wives and children by booze fuelled idiots. Smoking is never the reason for this but they dont moan so let them pay for the carnage. And it isnt addictive eh, no lets not talk about the drunks who cant control their habit, end up living on the streets who cares smokers can cover it.
Bloody hypocrites all. The pollies protect them for fear of their jobs and the boozers are hypocrites cos they dont wanna pay for their killer drug.
And I wonder why I loathe the world I live in I am a filthy smoker used and abused to save the hypocrites from the taxman.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Maori Vote

Told you my first husband beat me after coming back from the pub, well he was a maori. To marry him I had to become a Ratana. I am pakeha. I never changed my religious status although I am an atheist.
But they tell us if you feel maori you are, so tena kotou katou.
The 3 Black Power members who raped me were maori and pissed and stoned.
Now maori love their booze their fags of both variety. Tobacco and maoripyjamas. They love there boil ups their hangi's their fast food, need I go on.
I can hear them now as I write this, she's a racist, well I cant be I feel maori.
There are in any race the good and the bad. The point I am trying to make here is in a lot of cases maori smokers who die also are drinker drug takers and obese, but when they
die it is smoking that killed them some of them that die have also die at a ripe old age but hey it cant be just old age eh, or their eating habits eh, or too much alocohol eh.
The maori party, are nowing sucking up to the very same hypocrites they are supposed to be railling against.
Oh and tobacco was given to the world by American Indians, hell who knows maybe they are laughing too, they are killing off the very people who nearly wiped them out
Kia Ora

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tinny Houses

At the age of 62 I am now prepared to become a criminal rather than pay the hypocritical politians the blood tax. So if anyone knows a Tinny house in the Auckland city central area that also sells black market taylor mades let me know.

Friday, April 30, 2010


I have three grown children capable of making their own choices in life, only one of them smoke. He is hard working, pays his taxes, but like me is absolutely sick of the control freaks of the western world.
He has worked in Australia for the last 15 years to get away from the control freaks here in new Zealand but the Aussie nanny state is just as bad. So he has studied hard to become an English teacher and is now moving to Russia to teach it.
Mum, he said the west is now more commie than the commies ever were. I can go there and smoke where-ever I please. Good on ya son, but why should I leave the country of my birth so that I can once again be in control of my own choices. He is right, Hitler won the war, he would be rolling around in his grave laughing his goddam head off.

So you think you are free in the western world? HA! Think again.

The west is now the most controlling governments of the world.

You cant offend anyone. What happened to freedom of speech..
You cant call a golliwog a golliwog. They are even burning books so to speak .You can't read Noddy to your kids folks cos Noddy and Big Ears are gay, but hang on you can offend gays anymore. Oh and gays now are some off the worst anti-smokers. Don't they remember how they where pushed into the closet? Yet they are perfectly capable of pushing smokers into it.
And I am not homophobic I have a gay son who I love very much.
You think you own your property. Barhumbug, council can come onto your property at anytime with there nanny state edicts, even tear it down if to them it is unsafe. God how I hate the word SAFE.
It is what the use to control you. Me, I am now a depressed, agorophobic, social phobic. I absolutely detest, mistrust and find people so hypocritical I cannot leave my house. I have anxiety attacks and my brain has decided I am right when I do on the odd occasion venture out it screams at me to go home if I dont it causes me excessive pain to the point that I think my next step will be my last.
And this folks is not because of smoking it is because of the damage done to me by alcohol.
I was abandoned twice by my mother, once by putting me in a orpanage and by putting me in a catholic home for wayward girls.
I have been gang raped by men off their faces with booze. My first husband beat me senseless when he come home from the pub every night. But National and Labour dont think that matter, dont over tax booze we may get voted out because the majority do it.. Tax the smoker again they dont fight back. let the smokers pay for hospital A+E that fill up nearly ever night with drunken idiots who brawl, binge drink drive their cars and kill themselves or the innocent.
Thats ok eh? Let the smoker pay for the thousands of women and children who finally leave their abusive husbands. Let the smokers pay for the drunks who come home and beat their children. Its ok Eh. Let the smokers pay for the carnage on the road caused by drunk driver Thats ok eh. You bloody hypocrites .
I could go on and on and probably will I am not a wowzzer I use to bing drink too in my youth Mr Key, and the drinking age then was 21 you hypocrite.
Smokers who read this, if you dont vote Act next election you deserve everything you get.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smokers Vote ACT!!!

Thats all I need to say about the matter. If 700,000 smokers vote ACT next election the other hypocritical parties will get the message. And they are hypocrites what they are saying is the alcohol kills nobody, causes no deaths. Its not that that worries them really. If they put taxes up on booze they would fear the next election because the majority have a tipple of some sort.

Hey Winston heres your chance to get back in too.
I gave up alcohol because over my life it caused the most probems . A husband who beat me regularily after returning from the pub. And I was gang raped by drunks when I was 35.

I have smoked since I was 9 I am now 62 and will go to my grave with two rude fingers in the air and a smoke in my hand. So sod of holyrollers.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Defense Of Tiger Woods

A bit late with this rave but here goes.

The media of this world are a bunch of Puritanical, politically correct, control freaks.
That Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife, is not news its outside interference. He's a sportsman for godsake. What he does in his own time in private is nobodies business but his own.
Ok so he is cheating on his wife, how stupid is that but it is for her to know and her to do what she thinks fit when she finds out. And when found out if he loses his family and possessions , whose fault and business is that. His, it is not news folk it is meddling of the highest order, get a grip folk the media is taking over your lives. You are filthy if your a smoker , you are unsightly if you are fat etc....but piss off pls, when it comes to people and how they wish to lead their live, good bad or ugly, it is their business.
Think about it. They go for this sort of crap because it sells papers to stupid people who have nothing better to do than wallow in it.