Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And It didnt stop in 1998

Smoking, obesity, alcohol problems are lifestyle choice we make knowing the risks, just like an extreme sportsman does.
Nuclear pollution is forced upon us. Isreal, Iran, North Korea and other countries are now carrying on the radition poisoning of this planet.
And most people are happy to allow the demonizing of tobacco for all the worlds health ills because the other senario is to hard to swallow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ok Lets Go with The conspiracy Theory

So you dont smoke so you dont care. Lets go back as far as 1945 when every man and his dog smoked. This was the time of the first nuclear bomb test by the USA, since then well up to 1998, 2053 nuclear bombs have been test, over 1000 by the US, above and below ground, 2 wiping 2 Japanese cities.Then the Russians were at it all above ground one of their bombs was so big they had to alter the cargo bay of the plane used to drop it.

Then in come the Poms(English), the french, the chinese. As I stated before 2053 bombs in total.

And our governments prefer that people who use their own brains dont know that. You cant tell me that all those blasts didnt have any affect on our air we breathe even climate change.

Since 19945, respiretory diseases have quadrupled, cancer rates are out of control.

Yet smoking rates have decreased. So in comes my conspiracy theory:-). These government needed a fall guy to cover for their know indiscretions, what could cause all these health problem to arise, hell we cant tell the population its because we polluted the atmosphere with nuclear radiation, which has a shelf life of thousands of years. I know lets blame it on smoking, and the unthinking will swallow it and not think about other probable causes.

End of theory, just as an aside . Who is making huge money out of the anti-smoking bullshit.

The health stormtroops and legal drug pushing pharmacuetical companies

Anyway enough, I want you to type into Google and type in The Explosions of Every Nuclear Bomb To 1998.