Saturday, September 12, 2009

From early in the morning
Till bedtime late at night
I’m clicking, clicking, clicking
It’s doing in my head
I am an internet marketer
Please won’t you join my down-line
I spend my days looking at your
So you can look at mine
To do this I need credits
To get enough takes time
So I sit here in traffic for hours
Clicking, clicking, clicking
May I tell you folks
That some of yours
Are driving me bananas
Trisha of Indiana is tired after 17 years of
Clicking, clicking, clicking
Patrick, take your survey club
And stick it where the sun don’t shine
God, Fruta Vida’s everywhere,
the answer to all our prayers
Well whoop-de-do but I can’t stand you
You lock me up and slow me down
I cannot surf
Blast, I’ve just been passed
By another surfer at ts25
Can’t take much more,
Means less chance to show you mine
Another marble just hit the floor
Must go now and keep
Clicking,clicking, clicking

By Joy Faulkner

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