Friday, April 30, 2010


I have three grown children capable of making their own choices in life, only one of them smoke. He is hard working, pays his taxes, but like me is absolutely sick of the control freaks of the western world.
He has worked in Australia for the last 15 years to get away from the control freaks here in new Zealand but the Aussie nanny state is just as bad. So he has studied hard to become an English teacher and is now moving to Russia to teach it.
Mum, he said the west is now more commie than the commies ever were. I can go there and smoke where-ever I please. Good on ya son, but why should I leave the country of my birth so that I can once again be in control of my own choices. He is right, Hitler won the war, he would be rolling around in his grave laughing his goddam head off.

So you think you are free in the western world? HA! Think again.

The west is now the most controlling governments of the world.

You cant offend anyone. What happened to freedom of speech..
You cant call a golliwog a golliwog. They are even burning books so to speak .You can't read Noddy to your kids folks cos Noddy and Big Ears are gay, but hang on you can offend gays anymore. Oh and gays now are some off the worst anti-smokers. Don't they remember how they where pushed into the closet? Yet they are perfectly capable of pushing smokers into it.
And I am not homophobic I have a gay son who I love very much.
You think you own your property. Barhumbug, council can come onto your property at anytime with there nanny state edicts, even tear it down if to them it is unsafe. God how I hate the word SAFE.
It is what the use to control you. Me, I am now a depressed, agorophobic, social phobic. I absolutely detest, mistrust and find people so hypocritical I cannot leave my house. I have anxiety attacks and my brain has decided I am right when I do on the odd occasion venture out it screams at me to go home if I dont it causes me excessive pain to the point that I think my next step will be my last.
And this folks is not because of smoking it is because of the damage done to me by alcohol.
I was abandoned twice by my mother, once by putting me in a orpanage and by putting me in a catholic home for wayward girls.
I have been gang raped by men off their faces with booze. My first husband beat me senseless when he come home from the pub every night. But National and Labour dont think that matter, dont over tax booze we may get voted out because the majority do it.. Tax the smoker again they dont fight back. let the smokers pay for hospital A+E that fill up nearly ever night with drunken idiots who brawl, binge drink drive their cars and kill themselves or the innocent.
Thats ok eh? Let the smoker pay for the thousands of women and children who finally leave their abusive husbands. Let the smokers pay for the drunks who come home and beat their children. Its ok Eh. Let the smokers pay for the carnage on the road caused by drunk driver Thats ok eh. You bloody hypocrites .
I could go on and on and probably will I am not a wowzzer I use to bing drink too in my youth Mr Key, and the drinking age then was 21 you hypocrite.
Smokers who read this, if you dont vote Act next election you deserve everything you get.

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