Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Maori Vote

Told you my first husband beat me after coming back from the pub, well he was a maori. To marry him I had to become a Ratana. I am pakeha. I never changed my religious status although I am an atheist.
But they tell us if you feel maori you are, so tena kotou katou.
The 3 Black Power members who raped me were maori and pissed and stoned.
Now maori love their booze their fags of both variety. Tobacco and maoripyjamas. They love there boil ups their hangi's their fast food, need I go on.
I can hear them now as I write this, she's a racist, well I cant be I feel maori.
There are in any race the good and the bad. The point I am trying to make here is in a lot of cases maori smokers who die also are drinker drug takers and obese, but when they
die it is smoking that killed them some of them that die have also die at a ripe old age but hey it cant be just old age eh, or their eating habits eh, or too much alocohol eh.
The maori party, are nowing sucking up to the very same hypocrites they are supposed to be railling against.
Oh and tobacco was given to the world by American Indians, hell who knows maybe they are laughing too, they are killing off the very people who nearly wiped them out
Kia Ora