Monday, May 10, 2010

So Sad, But Nevermind.

Another teenager dies of alcohol poisoning, but hey there is no cause to raise the taxes.Lets tax the smoker though its really really sad when they die age from maybe 60 onwards.
We cant tax the booze to many people imbibe they may vote us out next election eh Mr key.
These people worry only about their power, the smoker doesnt moan about the rises they just keep on smokin. But hey tax the drinker and the shit may hit the fan.
Teenages are dying everyday from the drink either by poisoning or road kill, but what the hey lets tax the pooh out of the smoker they dont moan, they also dont cause road kill, but what the hey at least the teenage drinker went sozzled and happy. So sad to see a smoker die though cos they are paying for the road kill and the poisoning.
Nevermind that the A+E's are full of patients harmed or dying from booze related injuries. Very sad but lets not tax them the smoker can cover the cost they dont moan and who else would we tax to pay for it.
Doesnt matter that rapes, assault, murders are caused by booze fueled lovely people who we camt tax eh? The smoker will cover the cost of broken home, beaten wives and children by booze fuelled idiots. Smoking is never the reason for this but they dont moan so let them pay for the carnage. And it isnt addictive eh, no lets not talk about the drunks who cant control their habit, end up living on the streets who cares smokers can cover it.
Bloody hypocrites all. The pollies protect them for fear of their jobs and the boozers are hypocrites cos they dont wanna pay for their killer drug.
And I wonder why I loathe the world I live in I am a filthy smoker used and abused to save the hypocrites from the taxman.

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