Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You Afraid Yet???

The food nazis are going to medicate your bread with folic acid. Good eh?? Well for me it is because I can now say I warned you years ago when I had my activist group Smokers of the world Unite and in a previous message .
Since the anti-smoking hysteria came in these nazis have insisted on additives in ciggies which can be a risk to the smokers health.
Folic acid in your bread and you cant say no, it may cause prostate cancer in men but never mind it may save 4 kids from spine abifita.

It is how the anti smoking stormtroops work but you dont listen, the majority must suffer for the safety of the few.

So what next you may I said there will be a knock on your door one day and an employee of nanny state will insist on checking your house for bacteria.

Well I would rather keep smoking with 2 rude fingers in the air than allow this nanny state to live my live, medicate my food and monitor my risk taking.

The majority of the world population get all they deserver because they allow this to happen.
Get off you arse and start screaming before your life is not your own.

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