Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sky Is Falling,The Sky Is Falling.

The world is full of Chicken Lickens, and I am not talking about KFC. I am an agorophobic and I often wonder why there are'nt more folk like me. I am aware though that this disorder is growing. And with all the fear mongering in the world I can understand it.

Chicken Licken for those that don't know ran about yelling the sky is falling, bit like the boy crying wolf.

Now please I am not a complete idiot, we live in a vast universe on a planet called earth. Like the universe, like the earth, like humanity it is all evolving. It has taken billions of years and many changes, climatic and volcanic.

During those years the earth has wobbled on its axis it rotates closer and further away from other stars in the galaxy and planets in the solar system, it is a natural progression of the planet. These chicken lichens in the world including the anti smoking doomsayers drive their opinions with fear and guilt.

Who is aware of the one most important elements in the atmosphere???? It is carbon we live and breathe it. These nay and doomsayers believe humanity drives the planet. Well bullpucky I say. We humans are but a grain of sand on the beach , a gnat on the bum of a camel.

These doomsayers could do as much damage as us so called polluters. How much of this carbon should be removed from our atmosphere? Nature and the universe the wobbling on earths axis are climate change are a natural phenonom. Speak to geologists, they see the different climate changes in rock, by drilling ice cores from perma frost. Any changes found and the further back these samples go, climate change is evident, with or without humanity.

Should we now imagine that dinosaurs pooped themselves into extinction, ate their way through the earth vegetaion enuf methane and defolage to cause climate change.

Well agorophobic or not I am sure we will go through climate change it is nature and the universe at work, nothing these kneetremblers say or do will stop that.

Get a grip folk, shit happens and the planet will be here and changing for a few more million year we waste huge amount of money on these kneetremblers, anti,smokers, greenies and doomsayers.

Lets get back to being the humanity we once were and filter this money into our pioneering spirit so we can explore the universe and find other planets to populate.

Oh silly me the kneetremblers would say it is impossible and terribly unsafe. Grrrrrrr

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