Monday, July 6, 2009

The World Is Full Of Hypocrites!!!

There are 2 legal drugs in this world Alcohol and Tobacco. Both of these have health related risks. One also cause many car fatalities, broken marriages, child abuse both physical and mental. Both cause addiction. But one also cause violence in the community, can be the reason for rapes and murder.

One of these legal drugs would only cost $3.60 a pack but for the huge tax take which makes it approximately $13 a pack thats 75% geez and Aussie are saying they are going to put it up to $20 a pack.

Smokers you are not worth fighting for.

I have gotten my crystal ball out although this is already happening in a small way.
An American CARTON of cigs still only costs $12US. Work it out with a pencil folk, the criminal element will be applauding this and are already selling stolen or imported cigs from ships yachts etc and making a killing on them.
Buy a carton of cigs from overseas and sell them pack by pack for the price of the whole carton...WOOT!!
Alcohol, say a carton of beer you can by at a supermarket for $12 bucks it is not taxed at 75% like ciggies. and yet it causes more problems in our courts and families and communities than cigarettes.

There is something wrong here, but its all about money folk and power folk, these puritanical bastards could care less where I die of smoking. But smokers are now about 20% of the population, nearly 75% of the population imbibe a little or a lot of alcohol.

If the powers that be attack alcohol they would lose their power, smokers barhumbug , you have to have someone to hate, you cant hate jews, you cant hate gays, you cant be racist but you can bash a smoker over and over again you can eventaully turn them into a criminal because they have to go to the crims for their smokes, or push them into the closet, that other minorities have struggled out of and thats fine.
I am an old lady I have smoked since I was 9 I have become an agorophobic and a social phobic and am on an invalids benefit. A smoke is my only enjoyment in life. I am this way because I was raped by a drunken gang. I was beaten by a drunken husband, I was seperated from my father and 3 sibling, then abused by a boarder my mother had.
But I am a dirty filthy smoker and I deserve all I got and alcohol is not my prefered legal drug, being on a benefit I will soon have to go look for a crim who will sell me my legal drug cheaper than I can get from the legalized drug pushers.
It all really beats me. This page no longer is here to speak for other smoker it is here for me alone to scream into :-(

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