Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enuf Already With Social Engineering!!

Gummints worldwide spend trillions and trillions of taxpayers money on social engineering.
Enuf pls was this really what goverment where elected for? To live our lives. To control our risks in life?
If we had put a stop to all this crapola decades ago and spent the money on the human instinct to pioneer to go where no man has gone before, warp drive may have been invented by now. The moon may well have already be populated with space stations and we could be populating nw found planets.

Hell sorry what am I talking about, waffling into my webpage again. Its just not safe is it?
We have built a space bubble around each and every person on earth at huge cost.
I offer myself up to be the first pioneer on another plant cos I am dead sick of this one.

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