Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh and BTW

The man health nazis let drown in his own fluid, I think from me had memory his name was Rau Williams,had diabetes. Smoking doesnt cause this!!!
They say last night that they are trying to make smokers as uncomfortable as possible, with price hikes and draconian laws. These control freaks say they are there to help. Bullshit,there are many smokers like me who have no wish to give up but these decendents of Hitler dont give a damn about being helpful they want to force their lifestyle choices on others this is called totalitarizim. When creeps like this think it is fine to force the mentally ill, the old who have smoked all their lives out into all sorts of weather to take away someones lifestyle choice because they dont like it are called nazis. They believe you should live life as they see fit.
Well I am stocking up on my smokes and please try coming around and telling me you'd like me to give up.
And if it is ever banned I am prepared to die for my freedom to choose. Ban it and I go on a get hugely fat strike.Thats what happens to people who give smoking up anyway. I hate this world because of these lifestyle bashers, Take my lifestlye choice away and I dont want to live in this control freak health nazi world

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