Friday, July 2, 2010


I am sick to death of my lifestyle choice of drug being on the most wanted list by the control freak.
They continue to cry about the stats of how many of us die ayear 5000 but stats are made to say whatever the control freaks want. As I have said many times and will keep saying if you smoke and die you died of smoking. Even if you say had diabetes or pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, Folk these are not caused by smoking but they go down on a smokers death certificate as smoking related.
I watched a program on c7 last night. It was in a pub these control freak were deciding whether prisoners could smoke in jail. No one will own up to having been in jail but I will. I was put on remand in Mt Eden womens prison in the 60,s for 2 weeks. Each week I was given a free ration of tobacco even if I wasnt a smoker. And dont tell me that the dangers of smoking werent known then even when I started smoking at 9 they were known as cancer sticks. Bloody hypocrites, standing there with their own drug, alcohol, in their hands.
Alcohol is also a poison, it causes diseases and cancers, panceatic, kidney problems, diabetes. It kills passively innnocent ppl children die in their thousands on the road from family violent. I am sick of going on about it. Again alcohol cost the country 16billion dollars smoking 1 billion and smokers more than cover that in taxes ripped of them by health nazis who watch people die every day from alc0hol and turn a blind eye cause most folk drink it. I gave it up because I was gang raped by imbibers, beaten by a booze fuelled husband. I will not give up my smokes they are all I have left and I enjoy it.
But folk stay on the path of beating smokers into oblivion , then see who the control freaks go after for their tax money. I am positive it will be alcohol. If I cant smoke I will eat myself to death at least I will go still enjoying something in life.