Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take Your Own medicine

So the doc does'nt want to take his own medicine. He has lung cancer and wants to end his own life when he's had enuf, yet all through his working life he has watched his patients suffer to the end.
He also said he was an anti-smoker, one of those that told his patients dont smoke and you want get cancer, espesially lung cancer. Well he was lying to his patients, just because you dont smoke doesnt save you from any cancer, look at the stats for god sake.
Studys have shown that the very air conditioned buildings that smokers have been kicked out of can cause lung cancer and of cause the old hoary chestnut Legionairs disease.
I guess smokers should thank the holy rolling anti smokers for that one.
Doc be a man take your own medicine stop bleating, why should you not suffer as the patients you have treated have, especially as most of them would be the smokers you loathed so much.