Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take Your Own medicine

So the doc does'nt want to take his own medicine. He has lung cancer and wants to end his own life when he's had enuf, yet all through his working life he has watched his patients suffer to the end.
He also said he was an anti-smoker, one of those that told his patients dont smoke and you want get cancer, espesially lung cancer. Well he was lying to his patients, just because you dont smoke doesnt save you from any cancer, look at the stats for god sake.
Studys have shown that the very air conditioned buildings that smokers have been kicked out of can cause lung cancer and of cause the old hoary chestnut Legionairs disease.
I guess smokers should thank the holy rolling anti smokers for that one.
Doc be a man take your own medicine stop bleating, why should you not suffer as the patients you have treated have, especially as most of them would be the smokers you loathed so much.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bullocks and more Bollocks

Listen anti, smoking stormtroopers, I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP!! And a lot of people who are won't want to either. Putting the price way out of their reach, is a form of coercion, bloody force in other words. So the quit line is humming eh. Well dont go on their crap folk people who like me are no going to give up even if we are forced underground, are finding ways around the price hikes already. Me I dont want to be a criminal just yet am stocking up, but others have already gone to the drug pushers of the illegal kind. Bloody strange right?, when tobacco is a legal product.
The rate of dairy robberies and other ciggie outlets have already gone up and shopkeepers are being batttered or dying because of the price of a cigerette. Good eh? Well Mr Key thinks its ok.
Also the infaltion rate you get told is a pack of lies, what must the inflated cigs prices be doing to real inflation rates? I for one each time they go up spend less on other things. 700,000 smokers are not buying product that would help the government money problems cos their tax on the choice of lifestyle is hitting the roof.
Do your worst you alcohol swilling hypocrites, when my legal drug of choice has gone underground I will watch as I smoke my cheaper illegal tobacco as your alcohol price hit the roof.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I am sick to death of my lifestyle choice of drug being on the most wanted list by the control freak.
They continue to cry about the stats of how many of us die ayear 5000 but stats are made to say whatever the control freaks want. As I have said many times and will keep saying if you smoke and die you died of smoking. Even if you say had diabetes or pancreatic cancer, kidney disease, Folk these are not caused by smoking but they go down on a smokers death certificate as smoking related.
I watched a program on c7 last night. It was in a pub these control freak were deciding whether prisoners could smoke in jail. No one will own up to having been in jail but I will. I was put on remand in Mt Eden womens prison in the 60,s for 2 weeks. Each week I was given a free ration of tobacco even if I wasnt a smoker. And dont tell me that the dangers of smoking werent known then even when I started smoking at 9 they were known as cancer sticks. Bloody hypocrites, standing there with their own drug, alcohol, in their hands.
Alcohol is also a poison, it causes diseases and cancers, panceatic, kidney problems, diabetes. It kills passively innnocent ppl children die in their thousands on the road from family violent. I am sick of going on about it. Again alcohol cost the country 16billion dollars smoking 1 billion and smokers more than cover that in taxes ripped of them by health nazis who watch people die every day from alc0hol and turn a blind eye cause most folk drink it. I gave it up because I was gang raped by imbibers, beaten by a booze fuelled husband. I will not give up my smokes they are all I have left and I enjoy it.
But folk stay on the path of beating smokers into oblivion , then see who the control freaks go after for their tax money. I am positive it will be alcohol. If I cant smoke I will eat myself to death at least I will go still enjoying something in life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh and BTW

The man health nazis let drown in his own fluid, I think from me had memory his name was Rau Williams,had diabetes. Smoking doesnt cause this!!!
They say last night that they are trying to make smokers as uncomfortable as possible, with price hikes and draconian laws. These control freaks say they are there to help. Bullshit,there are many smokers like me who have no wish to give up but these decendents of Hitler dont give a damn about being helpful they want to force their lifestyle choices on others this is called totalitarizim. When creeps like this think it is fine to force the mentally ill, the old who have smoked all their lives out into all sorts of weather to take away someones lifestyle choice because they dont like it are called nazis. They believe you should live life as they see fit.
Well I am stocking up on my smokes and please try coming around and telling me you'd like me to give up.
And if it is ever banned I am prepared to die for my freedom to choose. Ban it and I go on a get hugely fat strike.Thats what happens to people who give smoking up anyway. I hate this world because of these lifestyle bashers, Take my lifestlye choice away and I dont want to live in this control freak health nazi world