Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hypocrites All!!

If you climb a mountain and fall to your death. The gummit sends out rescue teams, to help in the search at the cost of the tax payer. The climber is made out to be some sort of hero. Hello, climbing mountains is a lifestyle choice and the risks are know to the climber, but we are meant to wail and weep for this person.

You get on a plane, it crashes on take off ,all dead. Sad I know, but you got on that plane knowing the risk, you were prepared to take it. But the airlines are forced to pay huge payments to greiving families. Why? You know the risks. I could go on for ever here. No pls I hear you scream lol.

75% of the cost of a packet of ciggies is tax folk and yet we are told or threatened with the fact if you get really sick we dont deserve to be treated like a non-smoker.

When I was diagnosed finally after many cat scans with depression, agorophobia and social phobia I was told my lungs, my heart were in great condition for a 61yr old?? If I died right now they would blame it on smoking?? EH??
I have been smoking since I was 9 this makes 50 yrs of my preferred lifestyle choice.
I am told every cig is killing me. Well hell I am glad I didnt choose tobacco to commit suicide with:-).
It is my risk, I know the risks even back when I was 9 they were called cancer sticks or coffin nails. But folk its my bloody choice but now I am a leper in society. Its a damned legal product for god sake, it opposition legal product is alcohol, it kills maims has related diseases, that kill cost the taxe payer millions. But hey everyone drinks so they stay very mum about it problems on an individual by individual basis.

Get a grip, give the smoker some slack folk. I often wonder as I sit here in my own solitary confinement , why with all the fear and guilt tactics used by the health stormtroopers and the anti=smokers, that there aint more ppl like me.

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