Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Have A Chimney On My Head

I have a pack of ciggies in front of me ......oh dear you stupid, dumb, brainless, old fart. Yeap thats me. On this particular pack there is a pic of a limp cigaerette. It has the usual vague, threat of impotence becide it which states: Smoking may make you impotent. Omg, shock horror probe, no pun intended. This is how the antis suck the brainless and those who believe everything they are told or read as gospel. They also always use the word may. I really aint that stupid of course in the odd case it may cause impotents. But dont quote that bit pls.

I will use 40 year of anti-smoking reteric to plead my case that the cases of impotenece would be no more than the same disease from alcohol. Remeber they used the same tactics to allow prohibition of alcohol many years ago. But I digress.

My uneducated stats show me, and btw damned stats can tell you anything you want. Go back the 40 years we smokers have been driven by fear and guilt and back to impotence. When I was a child the smoking rate was something close to 60% of the population. I come from a faimly of 6. Thank you god for no birth pill, ppl back then had 11 to 15 kids sometimes more. They would end up in back street abortions because they couldnt cope with anymore kids. Here I end my impotence case.
Lets just wander a bit to asthma, again I am sure in some of the cases that it maybe the cause or at least an agitator. But again 40 years have past with the anti-smoking stormtroopers blaming amost every know disease on the demon tobacco. Over these year the rates of asthma have quadrupled so how can you blame smoking for that rate?? It really makes me angry.

Who are the healthiest countries in the world. If you correlate it to smoker per population counties like Japan, Italy, China, are high on the good health list. Now if anyone argues it because of their diet I will scream. If diet is the health damager leave me the smoker alone and attack ppl with bad diets PLS!! lol
The USA, and top anti smoking countries like New Zealand have rapidly gone down hill. Please dont believe me check the health stats. Quick because they realise the stats are not in their favour and the fudge them, grrrrr. Enuf for today I can hear the men in the white coats coming down the drive :-)

"Government efforts to fight cigarette smoking over the past 40 years amount to more than a victory for public health. They are also, as Ted Kings new book makes clear, a cautionary tale of how the state can bully, and ultimately crush, members of a momentarily-unfashionable minority group. Just because you don't smoke doesn't mean you shouldn't be afraid."- Tucker Carlson


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