Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Body, My Life.Bullypucky it belongs to the Gummint!!

Sunday 21st June

Hitler may have died but he is sitting on his grave mound laughing his nazi head off. We think we own our bodys that it is the one thing those who have the power cannot touch . Wake up fools the life you live is long past yours!
All western powers including New Zealand are more dictorial, than the German zealot himself.
We have the Nico nazis, the health Stormtroops, the its not safe platoon etc etc.
Then there is the : you cant smack your kids guilt trippers.

Please give me a break I am 61years old I believe totally able to make my own decisions on lifestyle risk. My main reason for this blog will mainly concern the nico nazis and I am not going to be frightened off because I may offend ...oh yeah I forget the, you cant offend brigade. I had a golliwog as a was a friggen cuddly toy folk not a political statement. I read Big Ears and noddy.... now they have been burnt. They are said to be gay, sorry gay folk, but it isnt a political statement. I will scream into this page about the nico nazi next probably, but at least be aware or maybe very afriad of these moustach wearing Puritanical lifestyle police because it is marching on.
Let me fantisize for you for a sec. A knock on you door. Standing there is the Newly formed Health Police they have goverment behind them to allow them to enter your house, search your fridge, to make sure you have seperated your cooked from your raw food and that the cooked food is glad wrapped. They will swab you kitcken, door handles,benches and toilet for germs. If you dont pass they will sanitize your house. If you dont accept this you WILL be fined. They will then check your children for cuts and abrasions. If any are found all your children will be taken from you till you can supply reasons and witnesses to the said injuries.

Be afraid, stop the rot. Right back to where they started their intimidation. They allowed gay folk out of the closest, and have since been pushing the smoker into it. Oops not meant to offend just the rambling of a down trodden, closeted smoker.

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