Monday, June 22, 2009

So How Do They Control? Fear and Quilt.

Are you safe, god I hate that word now. The health Stormtroopers,are wollowing about in your life because you let them.

We wrap our kids in cotton wool, do you let you child climb trees, ride a bike without a crash helmet. Do you worry continually about what you are putting in their lunch box. When you go to a pack and someone lights a cigarette do you move???

We are a world driven by fear and guilt the words "not save" overpowering. Pls folk can you get agrip life is full of risk.
I am now an agorophobic, social phobic. I cannot leave the house. beleive me I want to but the poor depressed brain has taken over. If I leave the house the brain takes over it informs my body to get back home , it does that by causing excruciating pain. The longer I stay out the more the fear produces symptoms, hyperventilation, sweats and I believe I will die with the next step.

I blame the gummint myself.:-)

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