Friday, June 19, 2009

OMG, television news, shoot them.

OMG, shoot them all for the common good. OMG, what does the common good really mean? Who defines the common good? Common people.

Take swine flu for example. 140 ppl world wide have died and we have a pandemic, jeez wayne! More people die of the regular flu. Don't you think the control freaks have gone a little bonkers. Whose body is it anyway? If I have the flu and want to treat it by old fashioned traditional methods, one of these control freaks could come to my door if I sneezed on them they could force me to go to a hospital. I dont want to go to hospital. This is my body. I want to treat it my way.

This is just a rehearsal. Please don't be alarmed. The men in white coats are arriving soon.

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